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Why Stop Now

By Richard Haridy
February 19, 2014

Comedy and drama are two elements notoriously hard to successfully blend. Why Stop Now is a classic example of a film that fails to find a cohesive tone, jarringly bouncing between comedy and drama as it rushes towards a disappointingly insincere “happy” ending.

Jesse Eisenberg plays Eli, a piano prodigy with a drinking problem who has several hurdles to overcome before the most important audition of his life. First Eli needs to get his drug addicted mother Penny (Melissa Leo) to rehab. When the rehab facility won’t accept Penny because, ironically, she doesn’t have drugs in her system, the two set out to get her high. Here they cross drug dealer Sprinkles (Tracy Morgan) and Eli’s day gets more and more complicated.

Why Stop Now begins promisingly enough in an engagingly naturalistic mode, but the picture quickly skids into confusion…

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